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"To challenge the existing beliefs around mindset and leadership. Creating a global trend of improved performance." 

VGS positively improve the person and the organisation - we strategise with you and the team, to develop outcomes and a bespoke delivery plan. 

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Elite Adventures 

Are you frustrated being at the top of your game, but unsure of how to unlock the next level? 
Are your 'leaders' just managing? 
What is the culture in your business? Corrosive or cohesive? 
“I loved every minute of it.  
Thanks for having us and sharing  
part of your life with me!” 
Harry Kane 
England Captain & Tottenham Hotspurs FC  
Thank you for your insightful presentation. With mental health being an important topic at the moment it was great to be given a view into how others might be feeling and also to answer questions around our own mental health. Plus all the other hints and tips on how we can become more efficient in our every day lives." 
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 
Unbelievable experience. The VGS team are extremely diligent, motivated, and professional, with our best intentions at heart throughout." 
Darren Way 
Professional Football manager 
“It was incredible. We haven’t stopped reliving it all week” 
Stuart Brown 
Football Association Operations manager 
Vanguard Global Solutions Has Over 30 Year's Military Experience In Leadership, Managing, Commanding And Coaching.  
At VGS we are proud of our military and business routes. Everything we deliver is forged from experiences during global operations, high pressured environments, and working alongside some of the worlds most elite organisations. Each of our coaches have first-hand experience in all they teach, allowing them to deliver quality training with authenticity. 

Who are we? 

Cohesion, motivation, resilience and leadership are all part of a mindset; a Commando mindset. This mindset could be the difference between winning or losing, succeeding or failing; but you must pick which one. 
Our highly qualified leaders and coaches draw on their unique, engaging and inspirational styles to bring you the best possible outcomes. Results you never thought possible obtained by a unique mindset that is employable by all. 
Vanguard Global Solutions work with individuals, through to large organisations within any field. We love to help positively change people and organisations. 
"I love buying into our clients 'why', helping them transform and change by believing in them; encouraging others to do what they once thought impossible." 

Our Coaches  

Ben - Co-founder and Coach at Vanguard Global Solutions 
Ben is a highly experienced and motivated coach with a wealth of experience. Highly qualified in coaching, training and assessing, Ben has experience leading in some of the most extreme environments on earth, as well as training over 1000 Royal Marines recruits. He is an expert in extracting the best from people and unlocking their potential.  
Ben draws on a wealth of operational, leadership, and training experience that he has earnt over ten years as a Royal Marines Commando, using his breadth of knowledge and inspirational experience uniquely for every client. 
Ben has worked with an array of clients including the England Football team, VW, Premier league football clubs, professional athletes, and business executives, demonstrating the elite and exemplary standards others seek from him. Available for speaking and keynote engagements whatever the audience, relishing every engagement. 
Contact Ben directly at 
Antony - Co-Founder and coach at Vanguard Global Solutions 
Antony has experienced the best of times and the worst of times, both militarily and personally speaking. "I want to empower and encourage individuals and organisations to understand their own values, creating outcomes for a sustainable and prosperous future." 
Having served two frontline operations in Afghanistan and working on a number of NATO operations around the globe, Antony has seen the full spectrum of very good leadership to very poor. His leadership ability was given the opportunity to flourish after being selected for Commision after 5 years of service. 
Antony was medically discharged and has had to overcome a number of challenges faced with transitioning, including translating his value to business. Since leaving, he has taken up leadership positions within Consultancy's, providing strategic decision making, direction and mentorship programmes.  
Antony has worked with VW Commercial services, professional football teams, advising multi-national partners and working alongside governmental bodies. 
Contact Antony directly at 
"It takes a second to jump, or a lifetime on the edge. The only thing that will stop you, is you." 
Daniel Bourne - Leadership Delivery Partner and Coach 
Daniel is seasoned coach, mentor and trainer, delivering innovative coaching, training and guidance. 
He is a former Commando Royal Engineer and Physical Training Instructor. Daniel has a strong background in developing elite achieving mindsets, mental resilience and future leaders. He has experience in the most challenging of environments as a high-risk searcher in Afghanistan. This role involved actively looking for improvised explosive devices (IED) and searching suspected insurgents for bomb-making paraphernalia. Working robustly under pressure is woven into his fabric. 
An adroit leader, he seized the initiative in his final role at training school designing and leading a programme developing the necessary skills required for trainee Royal Engineers to attempt the incredibly arduous Commando / Parachutist training courses, respectfully. Creating the leaders of the future. This was incredibly successful with well over 300 trainees undertaking this programme going on to become Commando or Parachutist trained. 
He has a diverse coaching skill set as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and executive coach. 
Leadership comes down to something all elite achievers in any field have an appreciation of: 
The basics, done well.’ 
If you cannot get the basics right, how do you expect to be able to perform in complex conditions? 
Paul Wood - Strategy/ Policies Director and Coach 
Experience as a high performing athlete and coach, operational service with elite military units and success as a consultant supporting global corporations and government agencies during periods of transformational change, has all contributed to the development of the servant leadership style in Paul. 
Having overcome the challenges of life-changing injuries sustained on military service in the Middle East, Paul can speak with gravitas about the importance of mental wellness and resilience within leaders and team members. His empathy, coupled with his skills as an orator, empower Paul with powerful motivational abilities. This has been demonstrated through the development and leadership of high performing teams within sport and business, as a business leader and entrepreneur, and as a leader of teams of military veterans completing arduous and extreme challenges. 
"Change is inevitable. 
Progress is optional. 
Choose to excel." 
Contact Paul direct at 
Richard Thomas - COO and Presenter 

For all enquiries  

If you would like to know more on how to transform yourself, team, or organisation then simply call or email our team: 
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