The Executive Adventure Package  "In Order For Things To Change, You Must First Change." - Jim Rohn 

Are you looking for the 'ante up' in your personal and professional life?  
A journey of self discovery that will change the way in which you approach life and business, to show how far you can mentally take yourself. 
From start to finish you are on a mission. Delve into a story that will test you both physically and mentally from start to finish. A story that will allow you access to a prestigious group  
very few, are a part of. 
In the heart of the Pyrenees mountains the adventure unfolds. A uniquely designed experience that  
will take you to the next level. From the forests to the mountains,  
the ground to the air, your journey will be like no other. 
Throughout each part of the adventure you will be shown and encouraged to use and implement key skills to transfer back into any part of your life. From planning a mission for improved stratergy, or climbing a rock face to gain courage. You might be navigating at night for your leadership, or helping others cross a river to improve a team.  
What ever it is, the Elite Executive Adventure will have the answer. 

What to expect 

Traverse the mountains to your operation by climbing and abseiling for an added edge of bravery and courage. 
When the water rages Tyrolean river cross with your team to develop that cohesive ethos. 
Camp in the wild under the canopy of night to network and share stories with those around you. 
Conduct survival deep in the forest and discover your motivation. 
Mountaineering, Night hikes and navigation through the valleys and mountain peaks as a leader with confidence. 
Plan and execute missions and find out new ways to strategise. 
Escape and Evade the capture force to prove your determination and resilience. 
Mental Wellbeing 
Strategy & Planning 

The Team 

Our adventure team of highly trained former Royal Marines Commandos and UK Special forces operators,  
together with our business coaches and psychologist will guide you towards a new level of performance. 
A level without limits. 
Combined, we have worked at the highest levels within the British military and goverment, sport and the commercial markets. 
Most notably within professional sport, including England football manager Gareth Southgate,  
professional athletes and business executives from differing commercial sectors. 
Our highly unique and bespoke packages are only for the select few who we feel will benefit from our extremley  
seasoned, and highly knowledgable team members. To gain access to lessons, experiences and tools forged 
at the most elite levels are not readily available on the open market. 
Will you be one of the few who gains access? 

Price  All food, accommodation and equipment are included within the price of the 4 day Elite Executive Adventure package with no added surprises. We aim to make your journey as trouble free as possible to ensure you are comfortable and have the greatest experience with our two types of elite packages. 

The Platinum Elite Executive Adventure - Price on application 
Includes private Jet Experience and luxury airport transfer. Helicopter flight through the Pyrenees. One on one coaching with any coach during each package. Deluxe video and photo package. Access to VGS online coaching academy. Limited spaces first come basis. 
The Gold Elite Executive Adventure Package - Price on application 
Includes flights and airport transfer (Prices subject to change throughout the year). Deluxe video and photo package. Access to VGS online coaching academy. 
The Basic Elite Executive Adventure Package - £4,497pp 
The Elite Executive Adventure package excluding all travel and perks featured within the Gold and Platinum packages. Ideal for corporate team activity weekends. 

For all enquiries  

To request an information brochure and application form call 
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