I.C.E - Finding your edge 

Many of us have attended personal performance weekends or seminars. At the time and for 2 days after, we feel great. But, how many of us actually receive the tools, techniques and procedures in order to create long lasting change in our lives? 
The I.C.E workshop will give you this, and so much more. You will receive information and strategies on how to get to the next step and long lasting change in your personal performance. At VGS we do not believe in average, we strive to give you the best and show you how to be at your best. 
"Facts Fade, Stories Stick." 
"If you continuously compete against others you become bitter, if you consistently challenge yourself, you become better" - Anon 
At VGS we change your focus onto the things you can affect, and that is yourself. Never underestimate the amount of work you should put into your own personal development. How can you become more valuable to your life or your work if you are never progressing yourself? 

What to expect 

A workshop orientated around enhancing your ability. 
An understanding of the mindset behind why we do what we do. 
How personal leadership and followership is a key fundamental, but few have. 
The difference between winning and losing the . 
Cementing bonds, cohesion and morale through shared hardship utilising outdoor activities. Why shared hardship? It is extreme situations that really bonds and forge a team. 
Follow up - It is vital that activities such as these are followed up and build upon to gain the real benefit for the longer term. 
“Ben. Thank you for everything mate we really enjoyed it and you guys are amazing people. Me personally I have taken so much from the experience and I feel blessed so thank you again.” 
Jermain Defoe 
England & Bournemouth FC Striker 

For all enquiries  

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